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Maggie was born & raised in New York City, on a daily ration of bialys and lox, until she left to study Textiles at The Rhode Island School of Design.

After graduating Maggie moved back to Brooklyn and began working as a print designer for apparel companies like Madewell & Converse. However she always kept up her personal creative endeavors on the side.


In 2015, after deciding she never wanted to hear the words ‘polar vortex’ again - Maggie moved to Los Angeles. There those side endeavors, like illustration, pushed their way to the front, and Maggie now works as a full time, self-employed creative.

Maggie's work explores food focused narratives. Through the use of colored pencils and wobbly lines, her domestic spaces lean into what can feel familiar yet never seen.


“The work explores how rooms can be full even when they’re empty,” as Maggie describes. “They’re an ode to gatherings past, present, and future.”